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Audrey Henry for the project Noka Paradise, Photo by Phi


First of all, thanks for visiting this new website !
Special thanks to Phi, Christophe Lesbat, Alban Dissension and Eric Redon...

Banner audreyhenry.com, Photo by Phi, Audrey Henry for the project Noka Paradise

New personal project : Noka Paradise

After 2 years on tour with Naive New Beaters as an additional musician (singer, bass player and keyboard player), Audrey is currently in the Parisian studio Question de Son (Fr), to record the first Noka Paradise's Ep, her new personal project.
Often called a "music chameleon", Audrey has performed over 700 gigs in rock or electronic bands... recorded over 15 albums...
This time she wanted to mix synths, rock drums and a sweet voice...

Photo Noka Paradise in studio, with the fun logo To Be Continued, original photo by Alban Dissension

Last gig with Naive New Beaters

The end of the "A La Folie Tour" is coming : XMAS Party at La Machine Du Moulin Rouge in Paris, dec 14. (Facebook event )

Naive New Beaters Flyer Dec 14

Vise Versa next album is coming for 2018

Audrey is still playing bass in the French-Canadian band Vise Versa. Jon Howard (Threat Signal), Eddy Chaumulot (ex-Tank) and Morgan Berthet (Myrath) recorded 10 new songs this year, work in progress...
The first album "Living A Lie" (artwork below by Rusalka Design) was recorded with Franky Costanza (ex-Dagoba) on drums, mixed in Los Angeles by Charles "Kallaghan" Massabo and supported by Editions Hurlantes, Send the Wood Music and Season Of Mist.

Vise Versa Facebook Page I Artwork and videos here

La N├ębuleuse d'Hima, artistics live performances and music production

Since 2012, LNDH invites visuals artists and musicians to meet each other... Faustine Berardo is now managing more than 30 individuals to create a collective art.
Between two gigs (music, dance or costume parade at music festivals and tatoo conventions) and after two Eps, all this people are now working on new music productions for the 1st album. Audrey wrote and produced three of this songs... Mix should be starting in 2018.

La N├ębuleuse d'Hima Facebook Page

A new collaboration named Ressac, with Damien Barquero (ex-Sin)

Audrey (here singer & producer) and Damien (here, producer) meeted about four years ago when she replaced him as the new "Memories Of A Dead Man" bassplayer (post hardcore band). It taked them 2 more years to start this new collaboration, togheter they're actually producing electro-dark songs.
1st Ep release should be announced in 2018.