1989 - 2005
Born in 1983, I began learning the piano at the age of 6, in Lorraine (north-eastern France). In 1996, I joined a rock band as the lead singer and bass player. I studied musicology at Nancy University II and modern music at the International Music Academy.
2005 - 2011
In 2005, I moved to Paris where I studied vocal technique, stage presence and music production at the Studio des Variétés, Le Coach, the D.L.F and Rezonne associations, with the NEHR trio.

2011 - 2013
In 2011, I founded Alternative Cult and released my first solo album, Love, in March 2012. I wrote, performed, recorded the 15 songs. 2 shows were performed with guests: 2 drumers, 2 singers/dancers and 2 musicans.
2013 - 2022
The release of Love (Alternative Cult, 2012) was a major turning-point and I began to performe and record with many artists : Jeanne Added, Camelia Jordana, Laura Cahen, Naive New Beaters & Izia, Vise Versa, La Nébuleuse d'Hima, Toby Screamer, Memories Of A Dead Man, Drama Of The Spheres, Shaarghot...
2018 - 2019
In 2018, I composed new personal songs, with synths for a new project HENRY. I surrounded herself with the sound-engineer/producer Frédéric Vectol and with Michael Rangeard for the mastering, from the Parisian studio Question de Son (Fr).
2021 - 2023
My new project is called TINP, for This Is Not Punk, this is techno. 8 tracks available everywhere.


    Discography and productions

  • 2024: TINP "Contribution" SINGLE
  • 2023: TINP "Granted" SINGLE
  • 2023: TINP "Bitter" SINGLE
  • 2023: TINP "Run" SINGLE
  • 2023: TINP "Supreme" SINGLE
  • 2022: TINP "Custom Made" SINGLE
  • 2022: TINP "Karma Superstar" SINGLE
  • 2022: TINP "No Clue" SINGLE
  • 2022: TINP "Dead Woman Walking" SINGLE
  • 2021: TINP "Boiler" SINGLE
  • 2021: TINP "What Now" SINGLE
  • 2021: KAT KOAN "Cocoon" LP
  • 2021: TINP "Keepers" SINGLE
  • 2019: JEANNE ADDED "Radiate live" LP
  • 2019: HENRY "Noka Paradise" EP
  • 2015: VISE VERSA "Living a Lie" LP
  • 2014: LNH "Falling between two stools" EP
  • 2014: DRAMA OF THE SPHERES "Puzzled view" LP
  • 2014: MEMORIES OF A DEAD MAN "Ashes" LP
  • 2012: ALTERNATIVE CULT "Love" LP
  • 2012: AH for BIEN ENTENDU EDITIONS "Origin" EP
  • 2012: MEMORIES OF A DEAD MAN "Vitriol" LP
  • 2012: DRAMA OF THE SPHERES "A Kafka tale" LP
  • 2012: LNH "Once upon a time" EP
  • 2011: NEHR "Transe moderne" LP
  • 2009: NEHR "Nerfs" LP
  • 2007: NEHR "regarde mes nerfs" LP


  • Eurockéennes de Belfort (Fr), Vielles Charrues (Fr), Nuits Botaniques (Be), Victoires de la musique (Fr), Montreux Jazz Festival (Ch), Beauregard (Fr), Garorock (Fr), Mera Luna (De), Les Nuits de Fournvières (Fr), Zénith de Paris / Lille (Fr), Transmusicales de Rennes and Bars En Trans (Fr), Francofolies (Fr, La Réunion), Plan:et C Festival (De), also played in Tahiti, Japan, China, Spain, Luxembourg, Canada (...)

    Sound Design and commercials

  • Yves Saint Laurent (Gum)
  • Givenchy (Gum)
  • Strate (Design School)


  • France TV, France Inter, RTL 2, Le Grand Journal (Canal +), C A vous (France 5), Taratata, Arte concert, Culture Box, Oui Fm, Enorme TV (Une dose 2 métal), Madmoizelle Blog, Batterie Mag, My Rock, Obskure, Rock Hard, Longueur d Ondes (...)

    Bands and backing bands

  • Camelia Jordana, Laura Cahen, Jeanne Added, Naive New Beaters, Henry, Polar, Polar, Polar, Polar, Alternative Cult, La Nébuleuse d'Hima, Vise Versa, Nehr, Drama Of The Sphere, Memories Of A Dead Man, cover duo with Viroun Kattygnarath, Jina (...)

    Studios sessions, producers and labels

  • Frédéric Vectol, Question De Son studio (Paris, Fr)
  • Ferber studio (Paris, Fr)
  • Charles Kallaghan Massabo Production (Falling In Reverse, (Los Angeles, US)
  • Etienne Sarthou (Aqme, Fr)
  • (...)
  • Universal Music
  • GUM club
  • Season Of Mist
  • Mes Autres
  • Editions Hurlantes
  • Bien Entendu Editions
  • Sunday Kub
  • Settimana
  • Manic Depression records
  • (...)

    My Studio in Paris (Fr)

  • As a multi-instrumentist, I always had to have a certain amount of music gear... At some point I decided to organise all that in one room, that's exactly when I also decided to expermiment some new kinds of productions as techno, or new sound desgin textures etc... So cool to have a place to easily practice and produce!

    DJ Sets

    1. Live recorded

    2. Mashup

    3. Live recorded