1989 - 2005
Born in 1983, she began learning the piano at the age of 6, in Lorraine (north-eastern France). In 1996, she discovered rock n'roll and joined a band as the lead singer and bass player. She studied musicology at Nancy University II and modern music at the International Music Academy.
2005 - 2011
In 2005, she moved to Paris where she studied vocal technique, stage presence and music production at the Studio des Variétés, Le Coach, the D.L.F and Rezonne associations, with her band Nehr.

2011 - 2013
In 2011, she founded Alternative Cult and released her first solo album, Love, in March 2012. She wrote, performed, recorded the 15 songs herself and also invited featuring guests. 2 shows were performed with 2 drumers, 2 singers/dancers and 2 musicans.
2013 - 2018
The release of Love (Alternative Cult, 2012) was a major turning-point and Audrey began to performed and recorded with many artists : Naive New Beaters, Vise Versa, La Nébuleuse d'Hima, Toby Screamer, Polar Polar Polar Polar, Viroun Kattygnarath, Mermories Of A Dead Man, Drama Of The Spheres, Shaarghot...
2018 - 2019
In 2018, Audrey composed new personal songs, with synths for a new project HENRY. She surrounded herself with the sound-engineer/producer Frédéric Vectol and with Michael Rangeard for the mastering, from the Parisian studio Question de Son (Fr). During this two years, she also was a part of the Jeanne Added’s backing band.
What a strange year… I am now between Paris and Brussels, I have decide to take a few month to built myself a great home studio and learn more about the electonic music production. I have produced a new album « No pressure » for a brand new electronic project : TINP. The first song KEEPERS is out ! If you like it, share it !

  • 2021: TINP "Keepers" SINGLE
  • 2019: JEANNE ADDED "Radiate live" LP
  • 2019: HENRY "Noka Paradise" EP
  • 2015: VISE VERSA "Living a Lie" LP
  • 2014: LNH "Falling between two stools" EP
  • 2014: DRAMA OF THE SPHERES "Puzzled view" LP
  • 2014: MEMORIES OF A DEAD MAN "Ashes of Joy" LP
  • 2012: ALTERNATIVE CULT "Love" LP
  • 2012: AH for BIEN ENETNDU EDITIONS "Origin" EP
  • 2012: DRAMA OF THE SPHERES "A Kafka tale" LP
  • 2012: LNH "Once upon a time" EP
  • 2011: NEHR "Transe moderne" LP
  • 2009: NEHR "Nerfs" LP
  • 2007: NEHR "regarde mes nerfs" LP