Hey everyone, I practically spent all my time in my studio this year... working on a new project called TINP & news songs for HENRY. Stay tuned !!!!

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Save the date : Bars en trans, dec 6 --> 6 pm

Hey everyone, here we are, Jeanne Added's tour is now over and I am fully focus on HENRY! I ll be happy to play in Rennes, December 6, at the Theatre Du Vieux Saint Etienne, 6 pm... save the date!

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Jeanne Added's Backing Band

Hey there, I feel very lucky to be a part of the Jeanne Added's backing band on the RADIATE TOUR, as a keyboard player, percussionist and backing vocalist... I'll be a part of all this until sept 29, it s good to play other's musicians music too and honestly, it helps me very much to progress in my solo project... See you on the road!

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1st solo set

Hey there, I hadn't play on stage alone for a very long time... actualy I hadn't since I was a teenager and I had to play piano auditions or exams! Of course this was funnier to prepare lol and I really had a blast playing my first solo set in Paris. I m very into electro dj sets and alone live performances, there s a lot of different things to do there, and as there's a first time for everything, it was my turn to try something new. What an amazing surprise to feel very confortable about it! I prepared new songs and adapted the 5 Ep songs, but not a lot of changes were needed to be played like that. Anyway, I loved to play alone on stage, like a mix between a dj set and a solo performance. See you soon! *Thanks to Thomas Bader for the photo

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new release

1st Ep Noka Paradise release

Hey there! My first 5 tracks EP untitled « Noka Paradise » is out !!! and it's full of synthesizers... I use them as guitars and bass which creates a very specific sound. I tried to find a subtle blend of rock roughness and synth-pop refinement... don't hesitate to write me about it!

    You can now buy my 1st EP Noka Paradise online:

I surrounded myself with the sound-engineer/producer Frédéric Vectol and with Michael Rangeard for the mastering, from the Parisian studio Question de Son (Fr)... Good times!

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Roads video clip

Hey there, I m very pleased to share with you a second video, a video clip this time, on the single ROADS. Thanks to all the Extermitent team! Don't forget to like and comment ;)

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